Monday, January 5, 2009

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The title is, without a doubt, the single most important part of your article. If you write a
million dollar article, and add a crappy title, you wind up with a great article that no one will
see. And, in the article marketing business, readers and page views are the only things that
really matter.
With every article that I write, my goals are the same:
1) Provide a quality product that people will want to read.
2) Offer a desirable item/download that people will want to click.
In order to achieve these two goals, the article must have a great title. The title is the
packaging that entices your readers to buy your product, or in this case, read your article. An
example of this can be taken from your local grocery store. As you walk down each of the
aisles, a cascade of colorful packaging bombards you. Each company designs their packaging
to draw you in and select their product. The title serves the same purpose for your article; it
acts as your packaging. On most article submission sites, we do not have the luxury of using
colorful images to attract readers. The lack of space prohibits it. The title acts as your
packaging. Your title must interest readers and draw them in. It has to stop them from
looking at other titles and compel them to click on your article.
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